In the early 90's , I transitioned into storyboarding for 1/2 hour network animated programming with "Super Dave". I've since boarded on over 35 TV different shows, including multiple seasons of "RugRats", "Wild Thornberrys", Life With Louie", "Sonic the Hedgehog" and "Madeline".

Storyboarding led to book illustration of animated characters, including movie tie-in books for many Disney, Dreamworks and Blue Sky productions. I have illustrated over 125 childrens books, most featuring licensed characters, including Go Diego Go, Lion King, Cars, Winnie the Pooh, Care Bears and Disney Princesses. The many animated feature film and live action film properties I work with include Star Wars, The Good Dinosaur, Star Wars Rebels, Frozen , Inside Out, Zootopia, and many others.

I enjoy the wide variety of characters and styles I'm asked to illustrate, and I look forward to many more exciting characters.

I've been interested in animated characters since I was a child, including wanting to work for Disney. My interest in animation led me to attend Cal Arts briefly, and I finished my education with an Art degree from UW.

After leaving college, I started my own business, initially doing small animated pieces and TV commercials. This led to longer form educational animation. I "ve worked in all facets of animation....from directing and animation, to operating an Oxberry stand and editing.

Cartoon Illustrator

Art Mawhinney

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TV Storyboarding for: Rugrats, Family Guy, Stuart Little, Life With Louie, the Wild Thornberrys, Hamdoon, Littlest Pet Shop, Madeline, Rocket Power, Dragon Tales, Happliy Ever After, Sonic the Hedgehog, Baby Looney Tunes, Double Dragon, Street Sharks, Tangerine Bear, Brothers Flub, and many more.

Book Illustration for: Go Diego Go (over 25 titles), My Friends Tigger and Pooh ( 2 titles), Harry and his Bucketful of Dinosaurs (3 titles), Dora and Diego ( 3 books), Olivia (2 titles), Firehouse Tales (2 titles), Backyardigans, Wolverine and the X-Men, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and various others. 

Look and Find books for: Star Wars , Star Wars Rebels, Frozen, The Good Dinosaur, Inside Out, Zootopia, Brave, The Avengers, Cars 2, Iron Man, Captain America, Smurfs Movie, Minnie Mouse, Phineas and Ferb, Green Lantern, Toy Story 2 and 3, Tangled, Up, Batman, Marvel Heroes, Cars, WALL-E, Maters' Tall Tales, Rudolph, Ratatouille, Fairies, Disney Villians, Disney Princess, Wolverine and the X-Men, G-Force,

My REsume

Finding Nemo, Enchanted, High School Musical, Shrek 2, Princess and the Frog, Bolt, Open Season, The Incredibles, Puss N' Boots, and many more. 

Work from my home office in Waterford, Wisconsin.

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